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Best Rabbit Hutch 2021 (Value for Money)

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Now that you have chosen to keep a rabbit, you need to ensure that you have the perfect home for it. In this article, you will learn the things to consider when choosing a rabbit cage and the best hutches in the market.

As human beings, we need companions. For most people, however, dogs and cats do not cut it. If you are looking for interactive pets that are less demanding, you may need to think about keeping rabbits.

In the right environment, rabbits are great. They do not have extensive space requirements and are therefore great for homes with little space. They will also not consume much of your energy, as they do not need to be taken for walks. If you love a quiet environment, the light sleeper or a night owl rabbits make little to no noise.

#1. Rabbit Hutch with Sloped Roof

Made from retreat wood, this hutch has a weatherproof pine finish that guarantees longevity. It also means that you will not have to spend a lot of your resources to maintain the cage.

It also has a two-story design that ensures your rabbit has enough space to run around. You also have the peace of mind of knowing that your rabbit is safe from intrusion due to the non-slip ramp and the interior hatch door.  It also comes with a powder-coated metal lattice. The hutch is great for the outdoors because it has a hinged roof and two front doors.

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–    Safe for the outdoor

–    Its coating makes it aesthetically pleasing

–    Provides enough space for your rabbit to play


–    Not suitable for huge rabbits.

#2. Advantek White Picket Fence Rabbit Hutch

Shaped as tightly to a real home as possible, this rabbit hutch has a white picket fence and a front yard where your rabbit can play and get entertainment. Its white color will blend in quite nicely with the décor you choose for your home. You will also feel better knowing that your rabbit is safe because the wood used to make this cage is insect resistant and does not rot quickly. The roof is hinged, and the courtyard allows you to access the rabbit’s home easily.

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–    Perfect for the indoors

–    Great color

–    Rot-resistant

–    Big courtyard for the rabbit to play in


–    The hutch is only for small animals

#3. Merax Chicken Coop Rabbit Hutch Wood House Pet Cage for Small Animals

Sometimes, your rabbit will nibble on the wood used to make its cage. This hutch has stripped wooden planks that prevent wood wear from the nibbles. If you have two rabbits or are thinking about getting two, this pen is perfect for dual-use as it comes with two trays too.

It is made from Firwood which is loved for its strength and its ability to last for years with little maintenance. Cleaning is easy as all you have to do is pull out the drawer.

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–    Easy cleaning

–    Durable material

–    Weatherproof roof

–     Perfect for two bunnies


–    It could use an additional coat of paint

#4. Petsfit Rabbit Hutch for Indoor Use

One thing you will no longer have to worry about is the quality of the materials used to make this rabbit hutch. Its solid wood build ensures that your rabbit will have a beautiful and stable home for years. The pull-out tray roof allows you to have easy access to the hutch for better cleaning.  Its installation is easy because it comes with predrilled holes. It comes in grey and white colors that will blend in perfectly with your lawn.

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–    Great color choices

–    Roof opens easily

–    Good for indoor use

–    Easy to clean


–    Not suitable for cold seasons

#5. Kaytee Rabbit Hutch

This is the cage you need for outdoor use. It has a two-story living space, so it has enough room for your rabbit to run around and have fun.

You will love its easy assembly and the high-quality material used to make it.  You will feel even better knowing that this company also gives you multiple doors, a pullout tray, and nesting box hideaways when you need to breed your bunny. For security, it has secure locks that ensure your bunnies are safe while outside.

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–    Superior ventilation

–    Secure locks

–    High-quality materials

–    Great design


–    The need to cover the cage during the cold seasons

#6. Advantek The Stilt House Rabbit Hutch

If you are thinking about breeding your bunny, you need a hutch that will provide it with a safe and comfortable resting area. This cage is meant for outdoor use so your mother-to-be will have enough space to exercise and feed. It also comes with a pullout tray that makes cleaning comfortable and convenient for you. To keep animals way, the hutch is surrounded by rabbit-friendly wire to keep it safe and still allow it to move.

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–    Easy cleaning

–    Has safe rabbit wire

–    Enough working area

–    Perfect for nesting mothers


–    Rabbits chew a huge hole in the hutches

Types of hutches

Rabbit cages are available in a variety of shapes and styles that will vary depending on the number of rabbits you keep and your taste.

Single hutch

These often have two compartments that comprise of a dark section where the rabbit sleeps and an open section where the rabbit exercises and plays.

Double hutch

These are two-tiered are great for two rabbits. They often have ladders that allow the rabbits to exercise and play as they move from one tier to the next.

Triple hutches

These have three tiers and are meant for multiple rabbits. They have a large play area,

Indoor or outdoor cages?

Before you buy your hutch, you need to think about whether you will be keeping your rabbits indoors or outdoors.

Indoor cages

As the name suggests, these are made for use indoors. Most indoor hutches are made of wood and are meant to fit into any home’s décor perfectly. Here, you need to ensure that you get the right breed as some rabbits do not fare well indoors.

Outdoor cages

Outdoor cages have ample playing space and have a dark and covered area where the rabbit can rest. They also have a covering that ensures the rabbit is not exposed to extreme weather conditions.


You need to ensure that the materials used to make your rabbit’s habitat are safe and durable. Most are made of a combination of wires, wood, and metallic screws to hold them together. Sturdy materials are sustainable and can withstand any weather conditions. You will find them in a variety of styles that you choose from depending on where you will be placing the cage.

Questions to ask yourself

How much space do I have?

You need to think about the space you have. People with space limitations will need to keep a smaller number of rabbits. They will also need to consider a compact medium to small-sized rabbit hutches. However, if you have a large area to place the rabbits, you may consider a larger sized cage for your rabbits. This will mean that they will have a larger area to play in.

Where will the hutch be kept?

Obviously, this will help you determine whether you will keep the rabbit in your home or outside. However, you may choose to keep the rabbit in an indoor cage and occasionally release it to play in your backyard.

The pet’s size

Before you buy the rabbit, you need to consider its gender, breed, and sometimes its genetic makeup. This is because certain breeds are meant to grow into giant rabbits as adults. You will, therefore, need to ensure that the cage can accommodate the rabbit when it becomes bigger. If you have space limitations, consider getting smaller rabbits that do not grow excessively as adults.

What is their gender?

Unless you plan to keep an entire family of rabbits, you need to ensure that you remain male and females apart. You may have to put them together if you want them to breed and give you more rabbits.

What is your budget?

Rabbit cages can be quite costly. The cost will vary depending on their size, style and material make. With a clear budget, you will narrow down your options. However, do not be afraid to spend a little more for your pet’s comfort.

How secure is it?

If you are keeping your rabbit outside, the cage needs to be secure. The last thing you want is dogs and other animals tearing your rabbit to pieces.


One thing you will learn from people who keep rabbits is that each animal has a unique personality. Therefore, before you purchase your cage, you need to ensure that you consider the needs of your animal. There is a need to ensure that you have done thorough research to save you from buying an overpriced hutch.

You need the rabbit hutch to be constructed such that your rabbit will be warm during the cold months. You also need to think about other things such as beddings and the toys the rabbit will need to be comfortable in its hutch.

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